Sunday, January 9, 2011

New twin grandbabies

Here are some pictures of the new TWIN grand babies. My son Kyle and his wife Carlie had twins Jan. 6th - one sweet little boy "Austin" 5 lbs 14oz and adorable little girl "Sydney" 6 lbs.
Their BIG sister Kayla (5 yrs) was so excited to meet them as were the rest of the family.
Grampa Rob is holding Sydney and the picture above is me holding both babies together for the first time and their very proud Daddy holding his Mommy :)
Hugs... Pat
p.s. I can not believe that they were released from the hospital before they were two days old...
amazing isn't it...


  1. Oh Patricia, congratulations!!! What a beautiful double blessing! They are so precious and I am very happy for your you and your newly expanded family. You must be over the moon with joy!

  2. Soooo sweet!!! Congratulations again on those new grandbabies!!

  3. Ohhhhhhhhhh they are so PRECIOUS!!! I have twin grandsons that are 5. They are such a joy!! Congrats!!!

  4. Congratulations Pat. I am so excited for you.. They look adorable. I love babies.. :)

  5. Congratulations Pat! Those babies and their big sister are adorable! What an amazing blessing!

  6. What an exciting moment for all....Enjoy!!!

  7. Oh my goodness... I can't even remember this anymore it seems. Very exciting cherish every step and minute. Hugs...

  8. Oh what a Beautiful Family! Congratulations Pat!